phpMyAdmin using login with nginx behind a https auth login

The title may be confusing, but I am sure it is related to how I have things setup. I have phpMyAdmin setup to use http login, which means it gives a login form for me to log into phpMyAdmin. phpMyAdmin is on a protected folder with a auth basic login setup (so a dual auth is required to access my database). This is all behind https.

The problem as been that after I login, is phpMyAdmin will redirect to http://domain.tld:443/phpmyadmin/index.php[…]
This causes Nginx to complain that a redirect to a https port coming from a http protocol. Nginx won’t even do the redirect to https protocol even though I have that setup.

I know the blame here is phpMyAdmin. It took some time to figure out why and sadly a solution in phpMyAdmin isn’t the easiest. It is much easier to fix in the Nginx configuration.

The issue is that HTTPS is not set in the server environment variables. So phpMyAdmin detects the port mismatch and when it fixes up the url, it includes the port (since it doesn’t detect HTTPS on and the port is not 80).

The simplest solution is just to add this to my fastcgi_params. Since the location of phpMyAdmin is behinds its own domain that always uses https, I don’t have to worry about the variable being set where it shouldn’t.

                # Needed by phpmyadmin.
                fastcgi_param   HTTPS   on;
                fastcgi_param   HTTP_SCHEME https;

I also show a HTTP_SCHEME environment variable. phpMyAdmin will also detect this if it doesn’t detect HTTPS is on. Either one of these should work. I only tested the first but the second is looked at in the phpMyAdmin config test and it bypasses all the other scheme checks.

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