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Please note these forums are mostly a testing ground for my SMF work and I don't really use them otherwise.

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Started by miles, Dec 07, 2007, 10:29 pm

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Dec 07, 2007, 10:29 pm Last Edit: Dec 08, 2007, 09:01 pm by miles
Ok - I love the way your site is layed out all customized and what not I want to make a homepage, like SMF's that intigrates with my forum but I don't know how to go about doing so


Well that is all about SSI. Read the SMF manuals on SSI from the basics to advance.
I am using more of those advance methods though. But sometimes I just use a plain old function, such as for the news on the homepage.

You can have SMF load the theam or do your own. For my site I used my own. But I was working on a script at one time but never finished it.

My homepage runs similar to how SMF works, it has a settings file with a load (compared to SMFs) of settings, an action array (more advanced though so I don't have to code a permission system) and a few other things just like SMF. I do call my own header and footer though unlike SMF which uses obExit..

It takes time to code a homepage. I spent about 2 weeks doing 1-2 hour shifts at a time just making the theme. I spent many months working on and off with the actual coding of the site. I continue to add pages and features here and there still.
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Thanks - For the reply Were would I start? would I start designing the homepage? in HTML or what?


I started mine with the html.
I found it easier to know how I wanted things to look before I started making it dynamic.
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I know how I want things to look now how do I go about coding..


Look at the SSI FAQs on the simple machines website. They will help you get going.
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So first of all I want to add the drop down menus like you have there.

I want to be able to add more menus to the navigation


The drop downs are just a mix of <ul> and <li> with some css styling to make it show. Though there has to be javascript to make it work in IE.

You could practically do all of that if you looked at the templates.
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Whats the code for the drop down menus?

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