Changing ChoiceType to ChoiceTypeFillIn in Info Path 2010

Info Path 2010 does not let you change the field type to a fill in or any other type. You have to use SharePoint to modify the column. However once you do this, even when you reopen the modified form in InfoPath, the drop down does not change to a Fill-In type. It seems while the column is updated (and InfoPath asks to update the changed columns), it doesn’t update the binding in the form.
In addition it seems that InfoPath 2010 doesn’t allow any option or checkbox to enable Fill-In type. The only way around this is to delete the control field dropdown (not the field) and add the new one (by dragging it in). Not the friendliest of setups when you have rules and other changes to the control.

Microsoft CRM 2011 IFD 404 error

I had a issue today where a machine was getting a 404 error while logging into CRM over IFD. Using the internal crm login url worked just fine. Since this was only affecting this one machine, I didn’t suspect any issue with the IFD setup. Not that I didn’t check the CRM server to verify if the login was actually successful or not (it was) and to make sure the ADFS Relaying party was updated.

What this issue finally came down to was that the organization url (hxxps:// was added as a trusted site. It seems that caused some issues with the ADFS/IFD login page. Removing that from trusted sites made it work as expected.

The important piece here is that multiple urls are used during the login process and other aspects. dev, auth, and sts are other default subdomains used during the IFD setup process. Adding these to trusted sites will allow this to work properly. In addition and easier to setup, using a wildcard (hxxps://*, is much easier to add to trusted sites.

Finally, if you have a trust setup between the crm host domain and your domain and you can use the internal crm url (hxxp:// Using that you would add the internal crm url (hxxp:// to the internal sites. This allows your domain credentials to be passed directly to the server without the need for a login prompt. Just remember to setup your security policies to prevent logins to machines and other security risks.

SMF on Nginx+SPDY

No surprise here as SPDY is a server side thing, SMF works no problem using Nginx+SPDY. So there should be no problem with the SPDY plugin/module at all in any other web server. Just need to set it up on your web server. Nginx currently has a patch for it. But I would suspect that this will be merged into its trunk soon and make its way to stable in Nginx.