SlickGrid Autocomplete

I’ve been working with SlickGrid on a project recently and it has been fun to work with.  It isn’t the best documented setup, but after a while I have figured out how to work with it on most levels giving me exactly what I want to work with.  One of the things my users asked for is a Autocomplete function.  I found a Stackoverflow question giving me the hint I needed in order to make this work.  The only problem was the autocomplete example provided was using a static list.  I wanted to have it build the list from that columns existing values and show a list, just like you get in Excel.  So here is the init function where I set this up.

    this.init = function () {
		$input = $("");

		temp = [];
		j = 0;
		for (i = 0; i < data.length; i++)
			if (jQuery.inArray(data[i][], temp) < 0)
				temp[j] = data[i][];

			source: temp

		$input.bind("keydown.nav", function(e) {
			if ((e.keyCode == $.ui.keyCode.DOWN || e.keyCode == $.ui.keyCode.UP || e.keyCode == $.ui.keyCode.ENTER) && $('ul.ui-autocomplete').is(':visible'))

			if (e.keyCode == $.ui.keyCode.LEFT || e.keyCode == $.ui.keyCode.RIGHT)

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