Fix: A BINDING-ACK message with transaction id for DHCP Server

I have been getting this error for a while on my Server 2012 R2 DHCP cluster. Every time it syncs or replicates hundreds of errors are generated.

Some information around the web indicates I needed KB 2919393, KB 2919355 and KB 2955135 installed. KB 2955135 was not my scenario here, however it was installed. All other KBs are already installed.

Some information told me to replicate the scopes, using the powershell command:


However, this did not resolve the issue and is the same command used by the DHCP management tool.

A deconfigure of the failover and reconfigure of the failover did not solve the issue. However I knew based on previous searches that I was still out of sync with the scope.

Finally was resolved after a deconfigure of the failover, restarting the dhcp server that no longer had the failover, then reconfigured the failover. This cleared up the issues and the errors are not longer occurring.

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