Adobe with McAfee

I have another rant.  This time it is Adobe who has ticked me off.

I rarely use Firefox or any web browser on my windows machine.  Mainly it sits there and has Windows Media Center full screen so I can watch TV.  Tonight I had to use Firefox on my windows machine.

Firefox prompted for the 3.6.6 upgrade (I was still at 3.6.4).  So I went ahead and installed the update.  After the update, Firefox update page warned me that my Adobe Flash plugin is outdated and I should update it.  I clicked that link and then the install link.  The standard extension window came up and I waited the 3 seconds.  I didn’t get why it was doing it via an extension, I thought this is how the update would be done.  The name was Adobe download manager.

To my surprise, after FireFox restarted, it proceeded to download and install some McAfee stuff onto my machine and then failed when it tried to install the plugin update.  So it failed to do what I originally wanted it to do and installed some additional stuff I didn’t even need nor want on my computer.  Again, just like with Google Chrome, I was not prompted or given the chance to opt out of this.

That software only lasted about 30 seconds on the machine, I quickly went into control panel > Program and Features and removed that software.  I am really annoyed yet again, software is being installed on my system.  It has done one up on Google Chrome by at least telling me it is installing it.  However without the option to not install it, it is forcing useless junk onto my machine.

I am not the only one with this issue, googling “Adobe firefox extension installed mcafee software” returns numerous results.  I have to say to the software companies, I do not want stuff on my machine installed secretly or forcefully.  I only want to install the stuff I want to install and not any 3rd party or affiliates software.

I truly should go the Apple route and remove Flash from all my systems.  YouTube is already HTML5 compliant and other sites will follow for non smartphone pages.  So it isn’t like I can’t live without Flash being installed on my system.  Maybe I will do that.

On the last note, I removed Flash, restarted firefox, and got the missing plugin notice.  I simply clicked the missing plugin notice, downloaded the Flash plugin and now flash is updated on my system.  If I don’t remove Flash from my system, I am going this route from now on to install all updates.

Applications hidden addons

Like all good conversations, this was brought up in IRC.

Microsoft decided it would be a good idea to install a hidden addon to firefox installs for those who have some services installed.  The major point being it is a hidden unknown addon that you can not remove yourself.  How friendly is that?

Google’s Chrome does the same thing.  After first running it, I discovered that it installed a hidden service to my user’s Application Support (Mac OS X) folder.  I ran a few commands as root to remove the file and chmoded it to “0000”.  I also removed Chrome as well and checked all files it modified.

Other than being totally shocked that Chrome is installing a service without my permission, I am questioning continuing to use any of google applications now.  This would of all been ok, if Google Chrome had asked for permission to install a service that supposedly “checks for updates”.  Of course I wouldn’t of allowed it anyways, I have enough services running on my poor laptop and I don’t need to add a useless one.

Hopefully both Microsoft and Google get it straight.  Although I can’t say much about Apple who forces you to install QuickTime and Apple Update on windows.  So maybe all three need to get a clue.  I want to know what you are doing to my system.  Keeping this up will only make me move to full time linux usage more and more.

As a quick end note.  Procrastination paid off, as I haven’t run windows updates in about 2 weeks.  Just goes to show that sometimes procrastinating can be a good thing.