Applications hidden addons

Like all good conversations, this was brought up in IRC.

Microsoft decided it would be a good idea to install a hidden addon to firefox installs for those who have some services installed.  The major point being it is a hidden unknown addon that you can not remove yourself.  How friendly is that?

Google’s Chrome does the same thing.  After first running it, I discovered that it installed a hidden service to my user’s Application Support (Mac OS X) folder.  I ran a few commands as root to remove the file and chmoded it to “0000”.  I also removed Chrome as well and checked all files it modified.

Other than being totally shocked that Chrome is installing a service without my permission, I am questioning continuing to use any of google applications now.  This would of all been ok, if Google Chrome had asked for permission to install a service that supposedly “checks for updates”.  Of course I wouldn’t of allowed it anyways, I have enough services running on my poor laptop and I don’t need to add a useless one.

Hopefully both Microsoft and Google get it straight.  Although I can’t say much about Apple who forces you to install QuickTime and Apple Update on windows.  So maybe all three need to get a clue.  I want to know what you are doing to my system.  Keeping this up will only make me move to full time linux usage more and more.

As a quick end note.  Procrastination paid off, as I haven’t run windows updates in about 2 weeks.  Just goes to show that sometimes procrastinating can be a good thing.

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