Dynamics CRM notes change ownership unexpectedly

I stumbled across a weird issue with Dynamics CRM 2011. I thought it was due to Rollup 12 as it only recently started happening, but it appears to be default behavior (whether I noticed it before or not). Basically the steps to reproduce this are very simple.

User A

  1. Create a case with some basics
  2. Add some notes
  3. Add the case to the queue

User B

  1. Access the queue
  2. Click Assign in ribbon
  3. Assign case to yourself.
  4. Save and close.

After a short while the case notes that once where owned by User A, now are owned by User B. Thats not what I expect to happen. I expect the notes to stay the same.

Well it appears there is a simple work around to this. Although not what I wanted to change, this does get around it.

  1. Go to Settings -> Customizations -> Customize this system
  2. Navigate to Entities -> Cases -> 1:N Relationships
  3. Open Notes
  4. Change Relationship from Parent to Cascading.
  5. Change the Assign from All to None
  6. Save and close
  7. Publish all Customizations (may not be needed but just to be sure)


  1. Great post. Same problem. I am quite confident that this happened after rollup 12, but your fix did indeed correct the problem at our site. Thank you!

    I noticed quite a few changes in rollup 12 that I would not have expected to be included in a Rollup. It has caused several different problems at our site. I hope Microsoft is more careful in the future.

    • I had ran a test upgrade in dev environment which was VM copys of the DC and CRM server (You need the DC to start CRM services). So I knew what to expect for changes and incompatibilities. The notes was missed in my testing.

      I am sure this happened after Rollup 12 as well. I even tested a fresh organization and this occurs. So its not a bug from an upgraded organization.

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